Aloe Vera – A Plant Worth Having

This time of the year, we get to admire the beautiful red flowers of aloe plant – a flower that we get to see only once per year!

When you see this beautiful, tubular and orange flower hanging from an upright flower stem, you know that the plant is over 4 years old.

Aloe is a succulent plant. It has a thick, tough, fibrous stem and its flowers attract bees and humming birds.

Aloe Vera is known for more than 5000 years and it was probably  first used in ancient Egypt as a medicinal plant,  growing in popularity ever since.

Aloe grows in hot, dry climates and is widely found in subtropical regions and also in Crete. Aloe vera generally grows to be around 3 inches high and has a shiny green or light blue-green skin with a layer of brownish-red sap at the bottom end of the leaf. The aloe plant only has about 20 small, circular leaves.

Aloe is a plant used to treat minor wounds and burns. The Aloe plant has been documented for its healing properties for thousands of years. It has soothing properties and offers sun protection, healthy hair growth, and a balanced complexion. Its anti-inflammatory effects have made it a popular homeopathic treatment for many skin conditions.

If you love keeping plants in your home, then you must have an aloe plant in your garden. These plants are worth growing because of their sweet-smelling and colorful flowers. They also have a lot of medicinal value that you can use for yourself when needed.

Have you noticed the lovely aloe vera plants we have at Beach House Arvi?