Arvi’s Hidden Gem: The World-Renowned Bananas of Crete

Let’s embark on a tropical journey to the sun-kissed shores of Arvi, in South Crete. Nestled amidst azure waters and rugged landscapes, this charming area harbors a secret—a secret that whispers through its lush banana plantations and dances in the salty breeze.

Did you know? Those small sized, but delicious local bananas may trace their roots back to this idyllic corner of the world. Arvi’s bananas have quietly earned their place on the global stage, captivating taste buds and nutrition aficionados alike.

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Bananas from Arvi, Crete have gained worldwide recognition. These delightful fruits thrive on the island of Crete, and their taste and nutritional properties are comparable to imported bananas. Let us share some interesting facts about these Cretan bananas:

  1. Banana Cultivation in Crete:
    • Fruits in Crete grow abundantly and nearly all year round. Among the many fruits, bananas have found a special place.
    • You can find bananas both in greenhouses and outdoors on the island.
    • Local bananas are often referred to as “mini bananas” due to their smaller size.
    • The first banana palms were introduced to Crete in the early 1920s, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that locals began consuming them as part of their diet.
    • Today, it’s impossible to imagine Crete’s markets and shops without these delicious fruits.
  2. Freshness and Nutritional Properties:
    • The bananas grown on the island of Crete are not treated with pesticides, ensuring that they reach the shelves fresh and retain all their nutritional properties and vitamins.
    • You can enjoy these delightful bananas almost year-round.
  3. Arvi Gorge and Banana Plantations:
    • The true source of Arvi’s banana wealth lies in the Arvi gorge, where its waters irrigate the village’s banana plantations.
    • Arvi was the first location in Crete where outdoor banana cultivation was successfully tested.

Image by Alex Roniotis – visit for more information about Crete!

At Beach House Arvi, we prioritize sourcing produce from local farmers for our guests. We believe in supporting our community and fostering sustainable practices. By choosing locally sourced ingredients, we ensure freshness and quality while reducing our carbon footprint through shorter transportation distances. Additionally, embracing local flavors allows us to showcase the authentic tastes of Crete, providing our guests with an enriching culinary experience that reflects the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

Arvi’s bananas are more than just a fruit; they’re a slice of paradise.

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