Crete as a Winter Destination! Discover .. Arvi Gorge!

Beach House Arvi is a destination, where due to the microclimate of the area, even during winter time the sea is still warm and can be visited by the visitors.
The temperatures are mild and the environment is very pleasant also during winter months (December to March)
The mesmerizing sunset can be enjoyed from the bright living room, or from the outside area. A magic canvas is created with a million sunset colors, while the immense serenity of the sea takes the visitors away..
For the early destinations and especially for adventurous visitors who enjoy excursions, there are plenty of choices.
One of the hottest choices for experienced guests is:


Arvi Gorge, one of the most spectacular gorges!
We recommend a special instructor and an experienced climber to go with them, and a prerequisite is that there have not been heavy rainfalls prior to the visit.
You can read more information here
If you would prefer to relax during your stay at Beach House Arvi, we got you covered!
Take advantage of our heated pool, enjoy the most amazing sunsets and the infinite view of unspoiled nature around you!

Feel free to contact us  for more information, for our availability and special winter rates!