Discover the Magic of Ocean Waves and White Noise at Our Secluded Villa

White noise and ocean waves are two sounds that contain energy across a broad range of frequencies.

White noise is a type of random noise that has an even distribution of energy across all frequencies, while ocean waves contain energy across a range of frequencies due to the various sizes and shapes of the waves.

Listening to the sound of ocean waves is considered to be beneficial for people. The sound of ocean waves can have a calming effect on the mind and body, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

This is why the sound of ocean waves is often used in sound therapy and sleep technology, as well as for background noise in relaxation and meditation applications.

Additionally, the sound of ocean waves can be combined with white noise to create a more immersive and soothing experience.

The white noise can help to mask other sounds and create a more peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, allowing the listener to fully focus on the soothing sound of the waves


Let’s embrace the peace and tranquillity with the soothing white noise of the ocean 🌊 Let’s allow the ocean sounds to rejuvenate our mind and soul” #whitenoise #whitenoisewonder #oceantherapy

♬ original sound – Beach House Arvi

We invite you to experience it at our secluded Villa, in Southern Crete coasts.