Vanilla Submarine, a classic Greek dessert

Welcome to Crete!

Here is your treat, a Vanilla Submarine!

A spoon with a thick paste plunged in an ice cold glass of water, what could that be?
How does it taste? (Hint: It is sweet and fresh)

Let’s find out more about it.

Ypovrichio in Greek or Submarine Sweet is no more than a classic childhood treat, that originates from centuries back in time..

As tradition says, this aromatic sweet was inspired in Constantinople, by a pastry chef from Chios island. The sweet was called “white sweet”. It became the favorite treat in the city’s mansion houses.
When the Chios refugees returned to their island, they added a mastic scent.
The sweet, usually vanilla flavored, is still served as a treat for visitors to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

In the past years, every home had this treat in its closet. It was the only sweet that could be preserved out of the fridge, especially in the summer time.
This is how vanilla, starred in every household and was served in a glass of cold water.
You can find this sweet in many parts of Greece, but Chios is the protagonist, because of to its large production of mastic in the island.

The basic ingredients are very simple. Water, sugar and glucose, all of them simmered until mixed together into a fluffy paste.
Then, the paste is flavored, usually with vanilla but also mastic gum or a variety of other, more modern flavors.

How to try out this dessert?

Dip, lick and take a sip of the flavorful, cold water.
Simple but sweet.